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Homepage of Roland Glück


Welcome to my small and humble corner of the internet. My name is Roland Glück and I am currently a researcher at the Center for Lightweight Production Technology of the German Aerospace Center in Augsburg. Before that, I did my Diploma and my PhD at the University of Augsburg under the supervision of Bernhard Möller.

Research Interests

Beginning with my diploma thesis, I did a lot of work in algebraic formalisms in computer science. Among them are semirings, Kleene algebra, dioids and a lot of similar structures which capture properties of concurrent systems as well as graphs and transition systems. All these structures are generalisations of relations, and so I have a lot of publications at various RAMiCS (Relational and Algeraic Methods in Computer Science) conferences. However, if a stumble upon an interesting problem, I will think about it, and so I did some work in combinatorics and computational geometry.
Due to my current position, I did also work in production technology and you might soon expect publications in robotics, too. So stay tuned and drop by again!
Somtimes I try to play the piano. Some more or less successfull attempts can be found here.